What Makes Us Different?

Our Goals and Classes.

Our goal at Puttin’ On The Nails is to help you create your nail style with our expertise. Tess Walters is the owner and operator at Puttin’ On The Nails. And, has a NEW Designer Paint Pen made from Mahogany wood. You will soon be able to view several different patterns to Beddazzle them! Learning how to create with the Designer Paint Pen is systematic. You learn the technique and then practice making details and shapes. We give Gel classes, as well as art classes.

If you are interested in taking classes please email tesswalt@gmail.com

Our Designer Paint Pens and CLAZY GRIPS.

Tess has invented a New product called The CLAZY GRIP! The CLAZY GRIPS come in several different colors and beautiful patterns. The CLAZY GRIP slides onto the back of your pen and gives the artist more stability when drawing.  AND just to throw more fun into this concept, we have also designed a product, we like to call, CLAZY KITS. These CLAZY KITS are additional pieces that are to Bedazzle your CLAZY GRIP! And for you Nail Art Enthusiasts, we have  LITTLE BITS OF CLAZY. These are our own hand-manipulated pieces of clay that are used for your nail art! They are painstakingly made to give the artist a more dimensional and higher quality nail art pattern. Also, we have a page on Facebook where you can post all of your hand Penned Designs.

We aren’t the Standard.

At Puttin’ on the Nails our goal is to provide quality service in a boutique salon atmosphere.  We believe in using high-quality products and providing a service that cannot be found elsewhere.  We are not your 30 min nail shop. We believe in preserving the natural nail plate. Taking precautionss promotes better nail care, and makes the service longer. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.  At Puttin’ on the Nails we see customers, not dollar signs.

We are More than Just a French Manicure.

With over 100 gel colors and 300 glitters, we have exactly the shade you are looking for. Further, with over 30 years of experience we also have the ability to take an idea and create the exact look you are hoping for.  At Puttin’ on the Nails, we aim to please.  Whether its a manicure, or an interesting design for a special event, we have it all.